What is Overfunctioning?

Over the past few weeks, our family has had an unusual amount of stress. On top of all the holiday hustle and bustle, we've had a significant amount of outside stress that has made life a bit more challenging. This means more stress on the family, and as I'm learning, increases my tendency towards anxiety and "Overfunctioning".

It sounds positive.

Although overfunctioning can sound like a GOOD thing, it can be an annoying trait when you see it in others. Most people who are overfunctioners do it from a place of love. They want the best for you and want to help you with unsolicited advice, or stepping in to help others when they can do it themselves.

Isn't this counter to ADHD?

Nope. The problem that I tend to have is hyper-focusing on others' potential messes or dangers they may face, and preventing problems. All that happens to the detriment of my housework. I'm trying to let my children grow and learn their own lessons, but just as with any mom, I worry about letting them get in trouble or hurt. I've gotten better about letting them make messes (I really feel anxious when they play with slime or playdoh), but it's very hard for me to just let it happen.

How do you work on it?

It's mostly making a cognitive change. I'm working with my therapist and seeing time and time again where I'm jumping into other people's problems that they can manage all on their own. I'm trying to learn where the line of "helpful" is and not pushing so far that I prevent them from learning how to manage on their own. As I learn more about my own psychology it is helping me see these traits in myself so I can work on these problems.

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