Twice-Exceptional & ADHD

What is Twice-Exceptional?

G is twice-exceptional, or 2E. He has a high IQ and has ADHD or two "exceptionalities". This means that working with him isn't the same as working with someone who just has ADHD, or is just gifted. His brain is developing asynchronously. Simply put, some parts of his brain are delayed, and some parts are developing far faster than other kids his age. In all 2E kids, this is very different. Someone may be an art prodigy, but can't read at age 12. Someone may be autistic but has an understanding of mechanical engineering beyond their years.

G is very unique.

At school, G breaks the curve of his class. He does 4th-grade work in kindergarten but refuses to write a sentence. This is the only reason he hasn't moved up. That and the all-around need to guide him more than the other children in the classroom. It's very hard to communicate what Gunnar is actually like to his teachers, and they are often proud of themselves while everything is still new and exciting. "He's bouncy, but we have a great system" or "I don't understand why G has that many problems in school", he's wonderful with me are things we have heard during his "honeymoon phase". This lasts for about 2 weeks before the symptoms start to kick in. The rush of a new classroom and new classmates has worn off, and he needs more stimulation to get him through the day.

Love/Hate Relationships

People either love my son or think that he's faking mental illness. There is no in-between. I believe the professionals when they say he has ADHD because both I and his grandmother do. His many adults believe that he should be "smart enough" to not have ADHD symptoms. Those who understand ADHD praise G's ability to overcome many challenges with his giftedness. It's a double-edged sword and no-one knows how to treat him.

Lots of Trials, Errors, and Patience

I haven't been a perfect parent. How could I? There hasn't been a perfect human on this planet, yet! (Deities excluded if you believe in them) Not to mention my son is uncharted territory for nearly everyone who comes into contact with him. It took a lot of trial and error to figure out how to punish him effectively, how to nurture his mind, and how to explain his mind to the world. I had to become an expert in ADHD, giftedness, and general psychology just to be able to communicate his needs to the adults in his life outside of our home. Even experts need a rundown on G before stepping into the ring, so to speak.

Although every child is special, it is known that there is a typical pattern of "normal" learning and behavior that takes place, and G has just marched to the beat of his own drum.

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