Time Management System- The Idea

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Let's Talk About Schedules!

Agile (or Scrum) is a project managing method that software and app developers use to deliver a working product quickly to their customers that they intend to improve with frequent updates. Because it's meant to be quick and ever-changing I think it works well with ADHD. It gives us a great framework to start from and lets us see our schedule as a "Test" rather than a pass/fail chore list. We are constantly learning and adapting, which means that we need to have a schedule designed to adapt, too.

How Long do we schedule for?

In Agile they have something called a "Sprint" which lasts between one week and one month. For our daily lives, we'll have it stick to one week. Each "Sprint" has four stages, the Plan, Build, Test, and Review stages. They sound intuitive, and for computer programming, they are. My adaptation requires a little more explanation, but it follows the same principals.