Time Management System- Testing

Updated: Sep 13, 2020


You've made your schedule and it's time to run our weekly time management experiment. During the day, it will be important to be taking notes on how each routine went during the day. Depending on how your time is currently going, I have a few suggestions on things you should keep track of.

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To make it easy to carry everything together without forgetting anything, I recommend getting a padfolio. It's discreet enough for work and keeps everything together. Easy to store at the desk. If you stay home, it can keep all of your things together so you know you have everything ready when you need to use it.

Writing down the Data:

1. Succeed/Needs Improvement/New Strategy

Often our plans can be over-ambitious, or we just don't get everything done. Start by saying whether your plan worked, or didn't.

2. Emotional Temperature

What level of energy did you start your tasks with? What level did you end them in? Was there a time when your emotional temperature changed? Remember that staying calm and working through your emotions plays a big role in how well this timeslot works for your task.

2. One Positive Thing

Even when we don't really succeed, it's important to find the good in ourselves. That means finding a single ray of hope in what you accomplished, whether that be you were able to calm yourself down, or that you didn't lose your temper. Write something positive here.

3. Something To Fix

You don't always need to include this step, but if things don't go the way you hope, write down what went wrong.

Why It's Important

As an ADHDer, I know that the second I walk through any doorway, the memory of what just happened is entirely gone. If we can keep track of our daily struggles and find patterns in them, we can tailor our day to how our brains naturally want to operate. It also gives us a chance to stop and reflect on things that just happened so we are more likely to remember them later.

The more patterns we find in our day, the better we can cope with them, and the better we can really begin to understand what we are capable of. Are all ADHDers going to become Elon Musk? Of course not. We can't actually become other people, but we can certainly learn enough about ourselves to really begin to harness our own potential.

Next is Review!

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