Therapy and Adult ADHD

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

When There's a Problem

I'm terrified of saying or doing something wrong. Being judged is one of my biggest driving factors as an adult. I'm working on this. As I've had to deal with my son going through traumatic experiences through school, daycare, and others who neither understood nor accepted him, it's been hard on me. This misunderstanding, or perceived rejection, is very hard to take. It's a physical feeling in my chest, like a vacuum that is cracking my ribcage from the inside. When our family lived in Florida, it was this feeling that had started to make me avoid doing anything outside the home without my husband. I've always viewed him as my protector and in a lot of ways, I made him in charge of emotionally protecting me. It was misguided, because this feeling, this pain, is something I need to face. I need help with that, but asking my husband to be my shield isn't the answer. Therapy is.

Is It Anxiety?

It's true that there is a definite link between ADHD and anxiety. In fact, when I originally started therapy in Florida that was what I was being treated for, but I had brought up something with her a few weeks before we moved... I have a differe