S and Developing Giftedness

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Suspected Gifted

So far I have spent most of my time talking about myself or G. It has mostly been due to S's age (she's currently 3), and until recently we didn't actually suspect giftedness, but it can sneak up on you when you're used to academic achievement. However her style of giftedness is the polar opposite of G's and may not actually be brought up in school.

Different Types of Giftedness

Although G is the classic academic (with a bit of hyperactivity thrown in) S seems to be very artistically advanced (and quite possibly advanced in Leadership). In fact, there are many different ways that people can be gifted. It may be art, or music, language, academics, memory... All of this can play into different forms of giftedness. Of all of these, there are a few streamlined categories-