S and Developing Giftedness

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Suspected Gifted

So far I have spent most of my time talking about myself or G. It has mostly been due to S's age (she's currently 3), and until recently we didn't actually suspect giftedness, but it can sneak up on you when you're used to academic achievement. However her style of giftedness is the polar opposite of G's and may not actually be brought up in school.

Different Types of Giftedness

Although G is the classic academic (with a bit of hyperactivity thrown in) S seems to be very artistically advanced (and quite possibly advanced in Leadership). In fact, there are many different ways that people can be gifted. It may be art, or music, language, academics, memory... All of this can play into different forms of giftedness. Of all of these, there are a few streamlined categories-

  1. Intellectual- These kids have a deep understanding of the world around them and soak up all kinds of information.

  2. Creative- These kids are full of ideas, and they're fantastic problem-solvers! These kids can use their minds to build intricate worlds and devices.

  3. Artistic- Give these kids a pen, marker, paper, wall, or anything else and they will make you a masterpiece!

  4. Leadership- Leading the charge, these kids know how to build a team and are great at helping everyone work toward a common goal.

  5. Academic- Wizz kids who can look at a stack of numbers and instinctively know what they add to, or can read and analyze a book in an afternoon.


Sorenne has been very good at drawing and coloring above her age level. She adds tons of details into her drawings and seems to really understand that everything is made up of small pieces. Last week she completed a 100 piece puzzle on her own. She can look at pieces of art and fully understand where in the picture they belong.


Unlike G, S fully understands emotions and goes beyond "mad, sad, happy, sleepy". S's emotional vocabulary and understanding of other's feelings makes her great at relating to others. She often attempts to delegate tasks (usually to mom and dad, but...) and is very good at rallying the troops. Just like with art, she can see the whole picture of a task and separate the pieces of it into steps without being directed.

Academic She is Not

Don't ask her to read, though. Letters and numbers are something she is JUST starting to become interested in, just like any other 3-year-old. She does know if they are on the page, she just doesn't know their names. She has figured out that exclamation mark means that something is exciting and points it out anywhere she finds it.

The Future

Just like G, it will be important for S to be given opportunities to explore her talent in depth. This may mean clubs, art classes, and things we haven't even thought of. Just like childhood is all about learning about ourselves, and I'm a firm believer that most learning should be child-led.

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