Parenting is Hard...

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Meltdowns Are Tough

What I'm doing right now is something every parent of an ADHD child has gone through. I'm sitting on the giant teddy bear in my son's room. And he's screaming. About having to write one sentence. One sentence that he was supposed to write with his therapist, but since he's 2E, he knows he can run out the clock with her. He can't run out the clock at home, and he's frustrated.

When You Do Everything Right, Yet...

Sometimes the strategies and making it a game fail, and you have to discipline. It doesn't mean you're failing as a parent. It doesn't mean that you didn't handle it right. It simply means that your child has to learn that it's better to spend half a minute writing "My favorite animal is a cat" (especially when they already wrote the word "My") than screaming for the last... let me check my watch... 25 minutes. As soon as he finishes the writing he's allowed to get up and do whatever he wants since he's been in self-timeout for so long, but part of being 2E is trying to get out of un-preferred tasks and perfectionism. It's my son's not-so-great way of dealing with the "Wall of Awful". So, this comes from a lack of self-esteem of his own making.