My ADHD Journey

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

When I was a kid, I had the highest test scores.

I didn't need to study to understand material. I understood everything instantly and taught myself advanced concepts by thinking about them. I wasn't tested for giftedness, but was often given higher level work. Despite all of that, I questioned whether I would move to the second grade. School just seemed hard. I day-dreamed through class and the kids in my class didn't like me. My best friend was someone who had an IEP and required medication during school. As an adult I learned that she was an ADHDer, too.

I hated the feeling of being rejected so much by my peers that I changed classes even though it meant leaving my best friend's class. My teachers always pulled me aside and tried to convince me to put in the effort that I gave them during school into my homework. I just couldn't remember anything from school the second I stepped off the school bus.