Moving with ADHD

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

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Hello Everyone! My husband and I are building a house, and with all the excitement, I thought I would share a few things we are doing to help us with our move! Since we have 9 months until move-in, which feels like forever, I've taken it upon myself to lay out the big projects and work toward the big move with as little stress as possible.

Marie Kondo

Do I like decluttering? No. Am I good at it? Yes. I'm starting to do the Kon Mari method and I'll tell you, there is no better win than knowing that the giant trash bags full of old clothes that I just put in my trunk won't have to be hauled upstairs in the new house. They also won't be cycling through the laundry for the 50th time, preventing me from washing the clothes that I ACTUALLY wear. Huge plus! If you haven't heard of Marie Kondo or her tidying up method, I highly suggest checking her!

Packing as I Go

Personally, I like to pack as I go. Since we have nine months until the actual move, I'm making sure that I'm keeping boxes on hand as I work through my sorting. If I use something frequently it can stay out of the boxes, but if it's something that I don't use regularly it can be packed and placed in the garage. Make sure you label any moving boxes with the room that you took those items from in your current house! It will be so much easier when you unpack having all the boxes set up to go in the right room! I saw these handy little labels and LOVE that I can tell at a glance which room each box goes in!

Cleaning Habit

I've talked in a previous post about Habits and this is a great time to start putting these habit-building skills into practice. I'm keeping a moving box in each room of the house and every time I walk into a room, I'm going to pack at least one thing from that room. If I do more than that, great, but the goal is at least one thing. Assuming that I at least go to the kitchen and my bedroom, I should be able to pack a minimum of 2 things per day. Over time, it will add up.

Help From the Kids

Are kids going to be endlessly helpful when packing? Of course not. But they do need a sense of control about the move and letting them take part in the packing will help them feel more adjusted once the move actually happens. For our move, we'll have the kids pick one thing to donate and one thing to pack each day until we arrive at the new house. That means they're handling the objects and making decisions that make moving more exciting. I also suggest getting (or making) a countdown calendar to show kids the number of days you have until you move. As the number gets smaller you and the kids will be able to hold in mind the projects your family needs to get done.

First/Last Box

Right before you are finished packing, make sure you have a "First/Last Box". This box has all the things you need to survive in your new home for 48 hours. Cleaning supplies, toilet paper, soap, shampoo, conditioner... Think of it as the house camping box. It will save you time and sanity once you start the UNPACKING process.

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