Life on Meds

Before I Go Into Today's Post

I want to mention that ADHD is a spectrum disorder. This means that some have a higher level of impact from their ADHD than others, and I'm somewhere on the mid to low level end of the ADHD spectrum. For some ADHDers, lifestyle changes may be enough for them to do their best (like my husband). For me, and others who are a bit further into the ADHD spectrum, medication is a vital part of our treatment. I'm not a doctor or medical professional, and I don't know what anyone else's medical needs may be.

I Previously Wrote About Life Off Meds...

Now that I'm receiving care again, I wanted to touch on some of the things that change for me when I am again taking medication. To start, I have been able to keep my house clean again (it had fallen well into disrepair while I was off of medication) and I'm able to work on my blog a little bit every day instead of one giant hyper-focus session. My routine is WORKING. I'm remembering things and able to stay on top of a lot more of the little things. I've even been able to experiment with my routine and be more flexible about things changing. This is just what I see in me.

My Family Has Seen Bigger Differences

I'm less stressed, so I'm not overwhelmed as easily. I'm able to be more attentive to their needs since I'm not locking into that same hyperfocus that I normally have if I'm engaged in a task. I notice mistakes faster and can be more patient with my family. These are all positives.

I'm Getting Healthier

Without medication, I have a bad habit of turning to food for dopamine and can put on weight quickly. The three months that I wasn't on the correct dosage of meds, I gained 20 pounds. In three months. Now, I'm back on the road to health and have about 40 pounds to go. I'm optimistic since that's exactly how much I had lost last time I was on meds, and that was in only 6 months.

The Negative of Meds

I tend to clench my jaw. It doesn't hurt me at all, but it does mean I wear a mouthguard to bed so I can prevent headaches. I would rather live with a few headaches than have to deal with the guilt of not being able to reach my potential. Just like my son, when I am medicated, I am happier with the whole of life and more open to the possibilities that lie before me.

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