Life Off Meds

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

I wish I could come on here and write that the past few weeks without meds has been amazing because I have the tips/tricks/apps/and a really good schedule, but I can't. I'm a peace with that, and as I continue fighting with my insurance I'm stuck in Executive Function limbo. I've started about 12 new projects and finished none of them. With the help of some new vitamins I've been in better control of my hyper-focus, but the rest of my day has been a flurry of starting, not finishing, and forgetting.

ADHD and the Daily Struggle

Last night I left the stove to help my daughter and FORGOT I WAS COOKING. The house filled with smoke before I realized what was going on. I'm so grateful to have an incredible husband who laughed it off and reminded me that we had gift cards to a local restaurant. He really is the difference between me beating myself up and being able to laugh off my own mistakes. This is ADHD.

Changes From Last Time I Was Unmedicated