Lazy Exercises for ADHD

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

We Get It. Exercise Is Important.

This is definitely true, but in people with ADHD, it actually helps us to control our mental symptoms. It releases dopamine, one of the chemicals that isn't processed and created correctly in the ADHD brain, which actually makes our symptoms better. The secret is that it doesn't take that much exercise to boost those dopamine levels. Studies have shown that exercise is more effective in treating ADHD than ANY OTHER DISORDER! If only it was easier to start... Luckily it doesn't have to take any time.

How I Exercise Without Getting Out of Bed

Some days you can't even convince yourself to get out of bed, and that's okay. When I have problems getting started I reach for my phone and look up "10 Minute Yoga in Bed" on YouTube. Yep. They seriously have an easy routine you can do without even having to put your feet on the floor. On days when I just can't drag myself out of bed, this is where I start. By the time I finish, I've usually got enough willpower to make it to the kitchen and take my meds.