G's Story

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

My Son Was Never "Normal"

My six-year-old son, G, is twice-exceptional or 2E, and anyone that's met him can tell the second he opens his mouth. He's gifted and can tell you about every single Minecraft update that's ever been uploaded along with more than you'd care to know about Archimedes' screws. He doesn't like to play with toys, which has been hard.

Preschool Was a Disaster

At 3 years old he was reading, but couldn't sit still. He was nearly kicked out of two different preschools even without being violent. Just busy, unable to sit down or listen, breaking down anytime someone asked him to use fine motor skills or the room was too noisy. Now, after occupational therapy, you wouldn't know about his sensitivities as much, but the ADHD is still very much there.