Executive Functions

Updated: Jul 14, 2020


Let me start this post by saying I'm not a doctor or psychiatrist. Nor do I want to be. Although I want what's best for you, a true medical professional can help you with what treatments work best with your body and not some random lady on a blog that recently figured out how to see the bottom of her kitchen sink without crying...

Now then.

With that settled, I've been asked about what it feels like to be on medication and off medication, and my answer is pretty complicated and requires you to understand what ADHD feels like, and it's symptoms. For now, let me just say that ADHD is a poorly named neurodevelopmental disorder (aka, you have to be born with it). When you have ADHD, the things that make us truly human, our executive functions, are developmentally delayed. Some people can catch up, and others don't. I haven't, and it's doubtful that in the 2 years of brain development I have left that I will catch up. It's okay. I don't know any different ways to live and in some ways, it can be oddly useful. In f