Emotional Regulation for Adults

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Do you need a plan?

If you are an adult ADHDer who has trouble with regulating emotions or holding back feelings when you want to be overly expressive, then I'm sure you've already experienced the embarrassment or guilt that can come from outwardly overreacting to something in front of the wrong people. This particular symptom tends to cost ADHDers their jobs, relationships, and credibility. This is one of the most devastating symptoms of ADHD, but there is hope.

What is the plan?

As adults, we must be tackling our emotions both before the explosion and after. Emotions eat up our executive fuel tanks faster than any other executive function, and when that tank runs out whoever is in closest proximity, regardless of that person's importance, is going to get the brunt of our anger. It could be a lover, a friend, a boss, or a store clerk. That person is going to get hurt, and if we are constantly putting our friends and family on the firing squad, it's emotional abuse.