ADHD Mantras for ADHDers and Parents

Why are Mantras important in ADHD?

The ADHD brain works best on autopilot. Since ADHDers are prone to anxiety, depression, and rejection sensitivity it's incredibly important to have some positive phrases in place to block out the negative ones that tend to creep in.

If They Could Do Better, They Would

This has been a BIG one for me as a parent of and ADHDer. So often as parents we believe that ADHD is defiance and lack of will, but with ADHD it's (almost) always not the case. There is a lot more going on under the surface, and as parents we need to figure out the bigger problem that is creating the bigger behavior.

Progress Not Perfection

This is something that my husband has always said is his expectation of the people around him. When you have ADHD, progress can be slow or even in some cases nearly invisible to the naked eye. Add in black and white thinking, and getting the dishes done or the counters cleared but not mopping the floor means that our efforts were all a "failure". They weren't and everyone benefits even if we only do a little bit. Having two math problems done on your homework is better than having NO math problems done on your homework.