I'm the ADHD
Stay at Home Mom!

 I started my journey as an ADHD blogger when my fifth friend asked me for advice on handling ADHD symptoms... in the same week. Since then I've found myself deep in research. As I found new struggles, I looked for solutions and began to share them with friends and family. Being an analytical person with a goldfish's memory, this means writing it all down and sharing my advice via email or text. Eventually, it just became easier to write it all down on a blog, and I'm so glad I did. Thanks to the feedback and support all of you in the ADHD community have given me, I'm able to do what I love and get away with hyper-focusing on research. Oh yeah! And helping everyone, too. ^_~ 

Now, as a mom I'm not only handling my own symptoms, I'm handling my son's journey toward adulthood, which means learning all the coping mechanisms that I missed. Working with my son and his mental health team has been an absolute privilege, but it certainly hasn't been smooth.

Let's work together and learn about neurodiversity while we finally see the bottom of our kitchen sink for the first time in... Wait. What year did I move out of my parents' house?


The Sassy. The Preschooler.

The Neurotypical (so far)...

 When your whole family has ADHD, you get taken along for the ride! S is a patient, loving, and imaginative girl who loves that her big brother is ready and willing to keep up with her.

 Katy Phillips 

The Mom. The Blogger.

The ADHDer.

The original writer of the ADHD and the Stay at Home Mom blog. Diagnosed with ADHD in the 4th grade, but started her ADHD journey when her son was diagnosed.


 The Boy. The 2E-er. The One That Started It All. 

 If it weren't for G, I wouldn't have been able to start my own journey toward mental health. For that, I am truly blessed. Although G can be a handful, he is by far the sweetest 6-year-old I've met.